Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Book Review: The Norman Conquest by Marc Morris

It was a real pleasure to read such a well written and thorough account of this pivotal moment in British history. 

The book began by providing a comprehensive background history of events leading up to the Norman invasion and in doing so built up a very detailed picture of all the political machinations, bloodshed and treachery which culminated in 1066.  Thereafter the author went on to give a detailed history of the rest of the Norman occupation, beyond the death of the Conqueror himself and gradually culminating in Norman integration within English society.

I particularly liked the way the author wove together all the contemporary sources, such as the Anglo Saxon chronicles, the Life of king Edward, etc. and interpreted them in a believable way, comparing one against another to build a picture which seemed authentic.

The style of writing is very easy and readable.  I would thoroughly recommend this book as an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to study the beginning of the medieval period.

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