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Pocklington Canal (Yorkshire Wolds)

All the festivities and over-indulgences of the Christmas and New Year period had left us with the feeling that we were overdue a good long walk.  Prior to Christmas I had continued to lose weight, totalling over a stone and a half since August.  Inevitably though a few of those lost pounds had crept (or perhaps I should say leapt) back on, leaving me with a somewhat sluggish, torpid feeling which I didn't like at all.  It was high time we got back to sensible eating and long walks! We decided to start the year with a level walk and, after scouring my map collection I came up with what looked like the perfect route - a nice steady circuit of ten miles at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, alongside the Pocklington Canal. It was an overcast day with an icy cold wind gusting straight out of the north as we drove out to the little market town of Pocklington in East Yorkshire.  Our walk began from a small car park at Canal Head, by the side of the A1079 York to Hull road.  I wasn'