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Cleveland Way Day 6 – Saltburn-by-the-Sea to Runswick Bay

Waking to the screeching cry of seagulls was the only reminder I needed that today would begin the coastal section of our Cleveland Way walk.    We’d deliberately left the curtains of our room’s floor to ceiling windows drawn back and now the bright morning sunlight flooded in.     It was still too early for breakfast, so I made a coffee and settled back to study the map for the day’s route.     A reasonably easy day lay ahead with just 11½     miles to Runswick Bay, allowing plenty of time for a break in the charming little fishing village of Staithes.     The way ahead couldn’t be more straightforward.     We simply had to follow the coast.     After breakfast we stepped out onto the hotel’s terrace and took in a deep breath of sea air.  The sea was sparkling and already the day was heating up.  With a forecast for soaring temperatures over the next few days, I was glad that from now on we’d be walking along the coast where, with luck, an onshore breeze might help to keep us cool.  W