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The Dales Way - Day Four - Hubberholme to Ribblehead

Daylight was just breaking as I awoke to our fourth day on the Dales Way.  My bed was directly below a skylight window onto which a steady rainfall was pattering.  The sound was deeply relaxing and I lay for a while with my eyes closed, just listening.  Presently the rain eased and a chorus of birdsong prompted me to get up and make a coffee so that I could study my guidebook and commit the day's route to memory. Breakfast at The George was served from 7.30 a.m., which was the earliest time offered by any of the accommodation we stayed at on the Dales Way.  We appreciated the early start, although perhaps on this of all days it wasn't quite so important.  There was only just over 12 miles to walk to our next destination and nothing to distract us along the way.  Between Hubberholme and Ribblehead is something of a wilderness as far as pubs, cafes or shops are concerned.  Which was just as well, seeing as we'd somewhat overindulged the day before. At least two other groups