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Scarborough to Filey on the Cleveland Way

I've decided to stop taking much notice of the weather forecast.  Too often I've delayed or completely postponed a day's walking because the forecast has been poor, only to regret doing so when it hasn't turned out to be as bad as predicted after all.  And in any case, I've got enough bad weather gear to withstand  most conditions.  I did, however, take notice of the Met Office website's forecast on one particular Sunday, towards the end of March.  It had (accurately as  it turned out) predicted torrential downpours inland with broken cloud and patches of sunshine along the coast.  So, when studying my maps to plot out a route for the day, I decided it was time to explore another coastal section of the Cleveland Way.  My previous coastal excursions had mostly taken me along the Cleveland Way north of Scarborough, and also around the Flamborough Headland Way.  The section of the Cleveland Way between Scarborough and the start/finishing point at Filey, however, 

Planning for a National Trail - The Yorkshire Wolds Way - Part 2: Gear choice and packing

This is the second article about our plans to walk the Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail later this year.  Having plotted out an itinerary and booked our accommodation (see Part One), it's now time to take a look at what we will need to wear, work out how much we can carry and decide whether the rucksacks and footwear we already have will be adequate. One starting point for the Wolds Way - at Filey in North Yorkshire (We will be starting at Hessle and walking to Filey) I once read somewhere that  80% of what's found in a rucksack could have been left behind and the 20% that's left behind is sure to be needed.  There's definitely some truth in that, but joking aside, having looked at the map for the Wolds Way, I believe there are only three locations throughout the whole 79 miles where supplies can be purchased, and one of them is just a village petrol station.  When it comes to packing for any trip, be that for a fortnight or just one night away, I follow th